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Local Academy Committee

Welcome to the section of the website where you can find out more about our school Local Academy Committee, and the work that we do.

The role of the Local Academy Committee

Holy Trinity CE Primary School is run by the Executive Headteacher and his team of staff. The Local Academy Committee oversees the effectiveness of the school and together with the Executive Headteacher provides strategic direction for the work and improvement of the school. It also supports, monitors, and evaluates the effectiveness of the school and monitors the budget. Finally it holds the school to account for the standards achieved and the quality of education.

The Local Academy Committee is accountable to the LDBS Academies Trust

The Local Academy Committee Scheme of Delegation can be found here.

What is a Governor of the Local Academy Committee

For more information about the role of the Governors please read the Academy Trust Governors Job Description

Membership and Structure

The Local Academy Committee comprises of Ten Governors, bringing together the key institutions that have an interest in the school. Our Governors have a range of skills and interests and the membership includes a Headteacher, a School Business Manager, an Accountant. Please click on their name for more information about each Governor. 

Name and Term of Office

Appointed by


Declaration of interest 

Simon Knowles

Executive Headteacher                     

LDBS Academy Trust

Executive Headteacher of

Holy Trinity N17, St Michaels N22, St Ann's N15 and Little Engineers Nursery


Hannah Bush

Head of School

LDBS Academy Trust

Operations of school life, implementation of School Improvement and school ethos


Rev'd Fr Bunmi Fagbemi
Vicar of Holy Trinity Church              

 LDBS Academy Trust

  • Religious Education

  • Collective worship


Four Governors are appointed by the LDBS Academy Trust.  

Madeleine du Vivier

(July 2015- 07/07/2023)

LDBS Academy Trust  

  • Chair of Committee
  • Strategic Leadership,
  • Safeguarding
  • Child Protection
  • English and Early reading 


Debra Griffth

(24/03/17 - 01/07/2025)

LDBS Academy Trust  

  • Early Years
  • MFL - French
  • Finance and Admin


Akindeji Akintola

(24/03/17 - 01/07/2025)

LDBS Academy Trust  

  • Curriculum Evolution, History, DT and Music
  • Governors Training 


Jenette Charles 

(16/10/2017 - 29/09/2025)

LDBS Academy Trust  

 Vice Chair of Committee
  • Maths
  • Behaviour and Attitudes


Two Governors are nominated by parents at the school.  

Martha Char

(14/12/2021 - 13/12/2025)

LDBS Academy Trust

  • Early year (from 2022)
  • Inclusion

Michelle Tucker

(01/07/2019 - 01/07/2023)

LDBS Academy Trust

  • Learning beyond the classroom
  • Inclusion
  • Attendance and Behaviour


One Governor is nominated by the school staff.  

Grace Jones

(03/11/2021 -02/11/2025)

LDBS Academy Trust

  • Character Education and Spiritual awareness
  • Health & Safety, First Aid and Medication 


Dates and Minutes of Meeting 2022-23

Meeting 1 - Monday 12th SeptemberMeeting 2 - Monday 10th October, Meeting 4 - Monday 5th December, Meeting 5 - Monday 16th January, Meeting 7 - Monday 27th March, Meeting 8 - Monday 24th April, Meeting 10 - Monday 10th July

Dates and Minutes of Tri-school Meetings 2022-2023

Meeting 3 Business - Monday 7th November, Personal Development - Wednesday 9th November, Curriculum - Thursday 10th November

Meeting 6 Business - Monday 27th February, Curriculum - Wednesday 1st March, Personal Development - Thursday 2nd March

Meeting 9 Business - Monday 5th June, Curriculum - Wednesday 7th June, Personal Development - Thursday 8th June

Dates and Minutes of Meeting 2021-22

Monday 13th September, Thursday 4th November, Monday 8th November, Monday 6th December, Monday 21st March, Monday 25th April, Monday 11th July

Dates and Minutes of Tri-school Meetings 2021-2022

Wednesday 10th November, Thursday 11th November, Monday 17th January, Wednesday 19th January, Thursday 20th January, Monday 28th February, Thursday 3rd March, Monday 6th June, Wednesday 8th June, Thursday 9th June 

Dates and Minutes of Meeting 2020-21

Monday 14th September, Monday 12th October, Monday 9th November, Monday 7th December, Monday 18th January, Monday 1st March, Monday 22nd March. Monday 26th April, Monday 7th June, Monday 28th June

Dates and Minutes of Meeting 2019-20

Monday 16th SeptemberMonday 14th October, Monday 11th November. Monday 9th December, Monday 20th January, Monday 2nd March,  Monday 27th April, Monday 8th June, Monday 29th June

Dates and Minutes of Meetings 2018-19

Monday 17th  September, Monday 15th October, Monday 12th November, Monday 10th DecemberMonday 21st January, Monday 4th March, Monday 1st April, Monday 29th April, Monday 20th May, Monday 1st July

Dates and Minutes of Meetings 2017 - 2018

Monday 18th September, Monday 16th October, Monday 13th November, Monday 11th December 2017, Monday 22nd January, Monday 19th March 2018, Monday 21st May 2018, Monday 2nd July 2018

Register of Attendance

Holy Trinity LAC Attendance 2017-18

Holy Trinity LAC Attendance 2018-19

Holy Trinity LAC Attendance 2019-20

Holy Trinity LAC Attendance 2020-21

Holy Trinity LAC Attendance 2021-22

Holy Trinity LAC Attendance 2022-23

The Local Academy Committee typically meets once a month to make strategic decisions on behalf of the school. These are made in light of a series of documents that every school uses.