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Junior Leadership Team (formally the School Council).

We have been learning all about democracy and we celebrate this value throughout the year in many ways, but mainly through our Junior Leadership Team (JLT). We value our JLT and are committed to inviting the children's opinions and including their ideas to improve our school. They have been involved in projects such as improving play times and lunchtimes and fundraising activities.

Each September, children have the opportunity to canvass for a JLT position. One boy and one girl are elected from each class and three pupils from year 6, who take the positions of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.

2020 - 2021 Junior Leadership Team

We have now elected our new Junior Leadership Team!

Each class voted for their own representatives after listening to their prepared speeches. The results were announced in Collective Worship  

The representatives for each year group are:

 Year 1 – Lincoln and Valencya

Year 2 – Cody and Porsha 

Year 3 – Jayden and Yemisi 

Year 4 – Aliyah and Taylor

Year 5 – Grace and Michael

Year 6 - Ashanti, Ditroy and Zakhari 

Autumn Term 2021

This year the JLT have hit the ground running; eager to make improvements in and around school. The members have met and decided that they want to help raise funds to replenish the wet play boxes in classrooms. The JLT representatives gave their peers an opportunity to offer ideas to a wish list. It was decided that a cake sale after school might be a good place to start raising funds so the JLT organised one; it was a success and raised £45 for some fun resources!

It has not gone unnoticed by the JLT that there is a litter problem at the KS2 entrance to our school and they have been proactive in clearing debris and rubbish regularly. They have expressed their disappointment to people in positions that can help make a change through emails and Twitter.

Alongside these actions, the JLT are working on Break Buddies; a way to help children with playground games and enjoy break times creating wider friendship groups, building on the Holy Trinity community ethos.