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Year 4 - sylvia earle  


Sylvia Earle is an oceanographer, marine biologist and deep sea explorer. She has spent her life exploring the deepest parts of the ocean, setting a number of world records along the way. In 1979 she walked on the ocean floor at a depth of 381 meters using a specially designed suit and in 1985 she set a solo dive record of 1,000 meters underwater. Sylvia Earle also spent two weeks living underwater in a specially designed underwater habitat. Raising awareness about the human impact on the ocean is one of Sylvia Earle's passions now that she is older and diving less than before! 

Year 4 Curriculum Map 

Spring Term: Victorians 

Please see below what Year 4 are learning this term. If you click on the documents, they will open into a large version.

The documents are Knowledge Organisers. They contain key facts and information that the children need to have as a basic knowledge and understanding of the topic – giving them the ‘bigger picture’ of what they will be learning at school.