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Year 5 - Apis mellifera


Welcome to the Year Five, Apis Mellifera Class. Apis Mellifera is the scientific name for the Western Honey Bee. This name was chosen as part of our whole school, pollinating animals theme for class names. Of course, we discovered the importance bees have in keeping our ecosystem flourishing through their major role in pollinating wildflowers and fruit trees. We even did an audit of our school grounds to see how 'bee friendly' we are at Holy Trinity. We did well, but can always do more. Interestingly, these bees have special hairs over their legs and thorax for the pollen to attach to as well as a special vessel called a 'pollen basket' on their hind legs to transport pollen to other flowering plants.

We've discovered the anatomy of the bee through clay, 3D modelling. We have investigated the sacred geometry of the hive and honeycomb through oil pastel and water colour creations. Not to mention constructing a giant, papier mache` honey bee. Finally, we learnt about a pioneer in the science of honey bees, Eva Crane, the role of different bees in the hive and incredibly, the precise waggle dance of these clever bees to alert colony members of juicy flowers full of pollen and nectar for, you guessed it, HONEY! Keep an eye on our Twitter and Sway for highlights of our learning.

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