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Year 6 - Château de Versailles

 Year 6 have been named after the French Palace, Chateau de Versailles. This exquisite building lies just outside of Paris and was originally a hunting lodge used by King Louis XIII of France. The building, that has become a much visited museum today, was renovated to become the residence of the royal family and the French political seat where King Louis XIV ruled his country.  We will be exploring this amazing chateau's history and the people that lived there through the years. We will find inspiration for our artwork through Louis XIV's stunning decoration and visionary design within the palace and explore the extraordinary gardens that were the most magnificent example of original landscaping in Europe.  The palace is now a World Heritage site.  


This term year 6 will continue their learning about AD900, the theme of this topic focuses on ancient non-European civilisations. There will be lots of opportunities for historical investigation about the Maya civilisation - the buildings and artefacts they left behind, how they worshipped their gods, how they used glyphs for writing and counting and why the Maya empire declined.  We will also study what Benin City in West Africa might have looked like, how the Edomite/Benin people celebrate and worship and what happened to the Kingdom of Benin.  Another ancient civilisation we will study is Islam - we will explore interesting facts about the culture and educational aspects of this historical society.  We will use different sources to research these fascinating topics including History, Art, Music and International. Look out for our Mayan morning, where we will share with the other classes some of our learning, including artwork, dancing and information we have discovered about the Mayan civilisation.